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Kidz Grub - Feeding the future of Tomorrow

Support for the Kidz Grub kids

What is takes to meet the needs of the children we support and nourish

It should come as no surprise that there are hard cost involved in every program, event, and effort we undertake for the benefit of providing kids access to our 'At Risk' After School Programs.  Hopefully this website is able to help you see the needs that we strive to meet for every child which we may help.  Though we operate with a lean staff and minimal overhead, as a NGO/NPO we need your support and assistance.

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Ways in which you can help

Each Kidz Grub 'At Risk' After School Program requires food, transportation, locations and people that want to help these children grow and thrive.  Below are some areas that we hope you will help with.

Financial Support

  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Individual Giving

Personal Interaction

  • Volunteer / Attend an Event
  • Share with others about KidzGrub

Help Kidz Grub to Feed the Future of Tomorrow!

Kidz Grub relies upon the financial support and gifts from business sponsorship, personal donations, and affiliated programs and agencies . We are proud to ask for your support because helping the children in our 'At Risk' After School programs help to create many great lifetime and long lasting benefits. These rewards are greater than just a "one child" or "one neighborhood" at a time approach. Nor are the rewards just for the "here and now" for the children.

Our At-Risk rewards and success driven goals are forward minded. The interactions, lessons and involvement with these children today, establish positive foundations and are building blocks to the greater goal and a multitude of improved lives for the participants, their families, stronger communities, business growth and opportunities, reductions in crime and countless other societal advantages..

Select a tab from the left (below) for the option that applies to you primary interest.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate/Business Sponsorship Programs

We are looking forward to your support. Please visit the Corporate Sponsorship page to learn more about the benefit of your desire to become a corporate parter with Kidz Grub. You decision can and will benefit to the kids as well as your business.

The corporate programs offer a variety of features and benefits, aside of the tax relief, that will surely be valued by your business and appreciated by your colleagues, customers and other business relationships.

Individual Giving

Individual & Family Giving Opportunities

Your decision to donate to Kidz Grub for our 'At Risk' programs is greatly appreciated. For more detailed information on donations please visit the Individual & Family Giving page.  We encourage you to make a payment of any amount that you are led to give.


Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering yourself and your time the cause. There is abundance of positions and needs that we look forward to seeing you find the right fit. More details on Volunteer Opportunities is here.


Sharing the Message - the Need and the Hope

Getting the word out about Kidz Grub, the needs, and the results the programs can offer is of utmost importance. We appreciate all the help and support we can to get our message and mission in front of others that may be likeminded and whom will also want to help us Feed the Future of tomorrow.

Please visit the "Spread the Word" page for more information.

Key Benefits of Kidz Grub 'At Risk' After School Programs

Meeting Physical Needs of Nourishment

Our daily after school programs and events ensure that the children are fed a healthy meal in a safe environment. Many of these kids would not otherwise have a meal.

Safe After School Environment

Right now, more than 14 million children are unsupervised after the school day ends.

Our programs provide a safe place to gather, grow, eat and learn when done with the school day.

Educational Benefits

Homework and educational assistance.

Studies show that regular participation in high-­quality afterschool programs is linked to significant gains in standardized test scores.

Learn new study habits and problem solving skills.

Mentorship and Growth

  • Decreased behavioral problems
  • Improved social and communication skills
  • Improved relationships with others including peers, teachers and parents
  • Increased community involvement and broadened world view
  • Increased self-­confidence and self-­esteem

Building Blocks to Long Term Benefits

Healthy children growing to later promote healthy living to their own children and families

Better employment opportunities through behavioral matters addressed early on.

Reduction in crime and vandalism.

Communities and family may be strengthened and improve.

  • Individual & Family Giving Opportunities

  • Spread The Word

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Corporate Sponsorship

Information on Corporate Sponsorship

Answers to questions you may have about being a corporate sponsor and detail on how the Corporate Sponsorship program may benefit your business are available on this page.

Individual Dontations, Involvement and Support

This is the page to review the details on how you can help whether through personal donations, volunteering, and spreading the word.