Kidz Grub entrenched to help the 163,000+ At-Risk Children in the Greater Houston Area. #KidzGrub

Spread the Word – At-Risk Warfare

Houston Texas – November 1, 2020

163,000+ ‘At Risk’  children. Kidz Grub is not directly battling poverty, divorce, abuse, single parent homes, addictions, hunger, abandonment, socio economic / racial injustice, nor countless other domestic atrocities.  No, that’s not the focus.  Kidz Gub’s focus is on the children today, irrespective of the cause -for tomorrow. They, the children, are the individuals in need. We must strive to help them to help them, today forward, and to demonstrate and teach them a means shape/re-shape the future -for themselves, their families and more.

Kidz Grub is walking the front line, alongside these victims -the children in those circumstances.  “At Kidz Grub we are lifting-up and supporting these innocent victims of circumstance, as many as we can. They are greatly affected by problems and challenges in the present that should never have been placed upon them.”  Kidz Grub does this ‘head-on’ with as many of the victims possible, those impacted the most -the children (aka ‘our Kidz’).  It is ‘all’ for their sake, their future, and the legacy forward.  Their legacies, each, can a great legacy and you can share in that.

Kidz Grub needs your help in order to better help them.

#kidzgrub #AtRiskChildren