Kidz Grub is providing 800+ At-Risk Children Thanksgiving meals!

Kidz Grub is providing 800+ At-Risk Children Thanksgiving meals!

Kidz Grub provides meals and support to At-Risk Children in the Greater Houston Area on a daily basis.  The programs run Monday thru Friday –all year long. Tomorrow, being Thanksgiving, the sites are not going to be open. With this in mind, today Kidz Grub is providing a Thanksgiving treat. Though this Thanksgiving bounty may be a day early, bear in mind that many of the kids we support and work with will not have a traditional Thanksgiving meal tomorrow.

For today’s meal we wanted to provide each child with a Thanksgiving feast of their own.  On the menu today for each of our active programs and sites we have prepared a healthy meal of chicken legs and stuffing (don’t forget the gravy), a side of corn, muffins and apples. Of course we have included the usual beverage of preference… milk.

Kidz Grub would like to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving. We hope that our efforts will help each of the children to have a better and happy Thanksgiving also.  Now it’s getting close to time in order to figure out what Christmas dinner will be.  If you would like to assist us with Christmas meals or any of our daily programs please visit the contact and information pages on our website at . Thank you.

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Key Benefits of Kidz Grub 'At Risk' After School Programs

Meeting Physical Needs of Nourishment

Our daily after school programs and events ensure that the children are fed a healthy meal in a safe environment. Many of these kids would not otherwise have a meal.

Safe After School Environment

Right now, more than 14 million children are unsupervised after the school day ends.

Our programs provide a safe place to gather, grow, eat and learn when done with the school day.

Educational Benefits

Homework and educational assistance.

Studies show that regular participation in high-­quality afterschool programs is linked to significant gains in standardized test scores.

Learn new study habits and problem solving skills.

Mentorship and Growth

  • Decreased behavioral problems
  • Improved social and communication skills
  • Improved relationships with others including peers, teachers and parents
  • Increased community involvement and broadened world view
  • Increased self-­confidence and self-­esteem

Building Blocks to Long Term Benefits

Healthy children growing to later promote healthy living to their own children and families

Better employment opportunities through behavioral matters addressed early on.

Reduction in crime and vandalism.

Communities and family may be strengthened and improve.

  • Individual & Family Giving Opportunities

  • Spread The Word

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Corporate Sponsorship

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